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Film/TV Development

Whether you are nearing funding or just have an idea for a film or tv show, I can assist you in the development process. Besides creating schedules and budgets, I am often sought after to create pitch decks and business plans that are needed before approaching investors or studios. In addition to these materials I work with Entertainment Attorney's to put together the proper financing documents, chain of title and option or distribution agreements that will be needed. Whether you have a screenplay, book, or concept I can assist you on the next steps to move your project forward and avoid the traps of pitching before the project is ready.

Book to Screenplay Adaptation

Are you an author with a book that you want to potentially turn into a movie or tv series? I've helped numerous authors take that next step by properly outlining the story and working with authors to assess what translates to screen. In 2022 I worked with the Captain of the USS Cole to help turn his book Front Burner into a major hollywood movie.


Film Software and App Consultation

Whether you own or work for a film and tv software/app company I am here to help. I've served as an Advisor to numerous software companies and have enjoyed helping them grow and attract new customers. I offer a custom consultation for both small and large companies. I enjoy doing a deep dive on the product and offering comprehensive notes that can be used to improve features and reduce friction.


I've spoken at various institutions including high schools, colleges and even film festivals.
A few of the colleges include Dillard University and the University of New Orleans.